Reissue: Satin Sheets' "St. Francis" LP (Heatwave Edition)


Originally released on vinyl in 2018, Satin Sheets's debut LP rapidly sold out, quickly becoming a defining album for 100% Electronica and a new fan favorite. With the original now fetching unreasonable prices on Discogs, a reissue has been long overdue.

Today, Satin Sheets presents us with the definitive "Heatwave edition" in a striking new orange colorway, with updated back art and center-labels to match. We have 500 copies in hand and shipping without delay.


Surfing's New Single "Enough" is Out Now!


New single “Enough” from Surfing’s “EMOTION” LP is out now and streaming on Spotify! Listen here.

Pre-Order “EMOTION” now at

100% ElectroniCON Mix Tape: Volume 1


You walk into 100% ElectroniCON. You're greeted by a beautiful princess. They place this commemorative cassette tape in your hand. It's free. We are already long sold out, you didn't ask for it, but you get it anyway. I hope thats OK!! Thanks to EVERY artist for agreeing to this!

And if you can find a device to play it, you will enjoy the listening experience

Pre-Order: Equip’s “CURSEBREAKER X” LP

Screenshot 2019-07-31 23.58.42.png

100% Electronica is very proud to present Equip’s "CURSEBREAKER X"! We are now taking pre-orders! Officially releasing August 30th, and shipping even a bit sooner than that.


Equip’s “Shadow Dancer” on Purple 7" Vinyl Available Now!

Screenshot 2019-07-25 21.12.24.png

Strictly Limited to 300 copies, on Translucent Shadow Purple vinyl. Note the different vinyl-exclusive tracklisting as the entire B-side is not available for download/streaming:

B1: CRYPT  M Y S T【7" Exclusive】
B2: NOCTURNAL MAW【7" Exclusive】
B3: Eternal P U N I S H M E N T 【7" Exclusive】

Digital Only
SHADOW DANCER (Eyeliner Remix)
SHADOW DANCER (Saint Pepsi Remix)

The cover art composes 1/3rd of a larger triptych by the artist Bani-chan. "Cemetery Moonglow" and "Nocturne Catacombs" make up the first 2 parts. Collect all 3 to create the complete artwork!

“The third and final single, “SHADOW DANCER” is the epic score to the penultimate battle leading up to the final boss. The mythical Lightbringer sword is within reach- but it’s shadow guardian won’t let it go that easily. Cascading pianos, plucked strings, and arpeggiated harps float in the tense air above the majestic battle, tom rolls and slushed out snares echoing the sounds of swords clashing. There are no continues.”

In hand and shipping now!

ElectroniCON Schedule is Here


The official 100% ElectroniCON schedule is here!

Also, Golden Living Room has been added!

If you come to electronicon expecting to see 100% of every artist you know and like you will be disappointed. it is going to be a mad house unlike any typical concert. More like a gathering of the juggalos where every room you pop into something magical is happening for 8 hours.

Tickets are sold out. If you don’t have tickets and still want piece of the action, we have tickets to the after party w/ Skeleton Lipstick (DJ), Skylar Spence (DJ), Negative Gemini (DJ), death’s dynamic shroud (DJ) & more! You can purchase tickets to that here.