Reissued on vinyl: George Clanton - 100% Electronica

The record that started it all! For the first time ever in a proper vinyl jacket as a single LP, we present the new and improved 100% Electronica vinyl record on Gak® Green splatter vinyl! Each copy comes with a super rare "Broken Leg George" foil trading card. While we still distribute our regular trading cards at random, the only way to get this Legendary Foil™ card is through this release. Made from the same master as the last 2xLP release with 200% Electronica, this version does not contain any of the digital-only Bonus Tracks listed below, and ends with "Kill You In Bed."
(Ultra limited Exxtreme Power trading card designed by Justin Quandt. Limited to 1000 copies)

For now, its only available on Bandcamp. Click here to see more photos of the record and trading card! 

Update: 100% Electronica just hit #1 on Bandcamp!