Equip's "Nocturne Catacombs" 7" on Red Vinyl out now!


Strictly Limited to 300 copies, on Translucent Crimson Red vinyl. Note the different vinyl-exclusive tracklisting as the entire B-side is not available for download/streaming:
A1: NOCTURNE CATACOMBS (d e s c e n d i n g)
A2: NOCTURNE CATACOMBS (death's dynamic shroud remix)
B1: EQUIPMENT PREP 【7" Exclusive】
B2: W a i t i n g F o r Y O U...【7" Exclusive】
B3: SHADOWED R-E-L-M 【7" Exclusive】

The cover art composes 1/3rd of a larger triptych by the artist Bani-chan. Parts 1 and 2 are now revealed! Part 3 will be revealed later this summer with the final single from "CURSEBREAKER X" is released! Collect all 3 to create the complete artwork.

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