Equip is back with a banging new single in his one of a kind style: “CEMETERY MOONGLOW (in the cold air of the night)”

It’s available now on 7” vinyl!

This new song comes with a music video and the announcement of a new full length album, set to come out this summer at 100% ElectroniCON!

Never one to do the same thing twice, Equip ushers in a new era of original vaporwave. After the debut I Dreamed of a Palace In The Sky’s gauzy new age and last years tribute to 16 bit RPGS OSTs, Synthetic Core 88, comes a new adventure, “CURSEBREAKER X,” his 3rd full-length LP. The first single, “CEMETERY MOONGLOW (in the cold air of the night)” mixes the gothic synthpop stylings of 80’s 4AD with the atmosphere of a Castlevania game. Catchy SNES-era leads weave between waves of dreamy chorused out guitar wash amongst a slushy backbeat. CEMETERY MOONGLOW is only Act I. A drama in three acts, CURSEBREAKER ZERO comprises three 7" vinyl singles and serves as a prelude to the upcoming full length, CURSEBREAKER X. Each act includes a brand new single, backed with vinyl-exclusive self-sampling "eccojams" and remixes by vaporwave legends. Keep an eye out for Cursebreaker ZERO Acts II & III, dropping later this summer! Stay tuned for more of the lore surrounding CURSEBREAKER X!

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ElectroniCON is sold out!


On May 15th we announced 100% ElectroniCON, a first of its kind music festival uniting net musicians from all over the United States and 4 other countries, whose diverse and often disparate styles are commonly united under the blanket genre “Vaporwave.”

A vaporwave music festival.

All 1150 tickets sold out within one hour. The event will take place on August 31st from 2PM to 10PM at Brooklyn New York’s Elsewhere club, and feature 22 performances split over 2 indoor stages and 1 outdoor rooftop stage. In June, we will announce the last handful of artists who will be joining us. Follow updates here and on the 100% Electronica twitter page.