Equip’s “Shadow Dancer” on Purple 7" Vinyl Available Now!

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Strictly Limited to 300 copies, on Translucent Shadow Purple vinyl. Note the different vinyl-exclusive tracklisting as the entire B-side is not available for download/streaming:

B1: CRYPT  M Y S T【7" Exclusive】
B2: NOCTURNAL MAW【7" Exclusive】
B3: Eternal P U N I S H M E N T 【7" Exclusive】

Digital Only
SHADOW DANCER (Eyeliner Remix)
SHADOW DANCER (Saint Pepsi Remix)

The cover art composes 1/3rd of a larger triptych by the artist Bani-chan. "Cemetery Moonglow" and "Nocturne Catacombs" make up the first 2 parts. Collect all 3 to create the complete artwork!

“The third and final single, “SHADOW DANCER” is the epic score to the penultimate battle leading up to the final boss. The mythical Lightbringer sword is within reach- but it’s shadow guardian won’t let it go that easily. Cascading pianos, plucked strings, and arpeggiated harps float in the tense air above the majestic battle, tom rolls and slushed out snares echoing the sounds of swords clashing. There are no continues.”

In hand and shipping now!

ElectroniCON is sold out!


On May 15th we announced 100% ElectroniCON, a first of its kind music festival uniting net musicians from all over the United States and 4 other countries, whose diverse and often disparate styles are commonly united under the blanket genre “Vaporwave.”

A vaporwave music festival.

All 1150 tickets sold out within one hour. The event will take place on August 31st from 2PM to 10PM at Brooklyn New York’s Elsewhere club, and feature 22 performances split over 2 indoor stages and 1 outdoor rooftop stage. In June, we will announce the last handful of artists who will be joining us. Follow updates here and on the 100% Electronica twitter page.