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NEW MUSIC: George Clanton & Nick Hexum

Clanton & Hexum cover art.jpg

The first two songs from George Clanton & 311's Nick Hexum new project are out now! 

“I met 311 fan and electronic up-and-comer George Clanton at a 311 show. I quickly became a big fan of his nostalgic style. We exchanged emails and started sending demos back and forth.  It’s been a lot of fun to work in a new genre which I would call retro-electronica-ethereal-hip hop. And is sometimes referred to as “vaporwave”. George is all about summoning a feeling of nostalgia. He has a masterful way of twisting and bending sounds to make them sound vintage.  He manages to create soundscapes that are both retro and futuristic. I added guitar and vocals to George’s lush soundscape for this stoney side project. Here are 2 songs, Crash Pad and King For a Day. Enjoy!” - Nick Hexum (311)

The Fader

A) Crash Pad
AA) King for a Day

100% Electronica Pop Up in Los Angeles on 7/27


We are cleaning out our warehouse at and selling a bunch of out of print releases, all of our new merch, test runs of shirts, and some stuff you haven’t seen! So come to our pop up shop here in LA (4852 Santa Monica Blvd) on July 27th at 12pm to come n get it. We will also be spinning some tracks and we would love to meet ya!

George Clanton added to Desert Daze!

Today Desert Daze music festival added George Clanton to their line up. This October in Lake Perris California, George will perform alongside The Flaming Lips, Flying Lotus, Stereolab, Animal Collective & more!!!

“Vaporwave is like, super chill, and THEE microgenre luminary, George Clanton is so vaporwave that when he broke his foot during a performance, he just kept riding and finished out the song. No big deal. Self-medicinal George Clanton has been added to the Desert Daze 2019 lineup.”

Tickets are on sale now and you can get them on their website,