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100% Electronica presents: Beyond The Virtual Utopia Experience [VR 360 🔴 Live Stream Concert]

Get your VR headsets ready.
100% Electronica presents: "Beyond The Virtual Utopia Experience".
100% Electronica has been hard at work creating our very own VR 360 concert experience with performances by George Clanton, Satin Sheets, Negative Gemini, death's dynamic shroud, FM Skyline & Equip. The event is happening this Saturday at 3pm PST / 6pm EST on YouTube.

"Beyond The Virtual Utopia Experience" 
will feature brand new music from George Clanton, Negative Gemini & Satin Sheets.

How to watch:

"Beyond The Virtual Utopia Experience" is compatible on almost all VR headsets that connect to the internet. The event will look fuzzy and not be in full 360 if you watch in the browser on your headset. Instead, download the YouTube VR app and head over to the 100% Electronica channel when we go live.

Mobile or Desktop
Watching with VR Headset is not required. Watch in the YouTube app on mobile or on on desktop. Follow 100% Electronica on YouTube here.

Follow 100% Electronica on YouTube: