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ESPRIT空想 200% Electronica on Lava® Vinyl Reissue

200% Electronica

Available for the first time since it’s release in 2017 - ESPRIT空想 "200% Electronica" is back on Lava®️ Vinyl!!!
ESPRIT began in 2012 as the sample-based side-project of electronic
pop artist “George Clanton.” ESPRIT’s first two EP’s “Girls Only” and “Summer Night” are still considered essential listening for any newcomers to the vaporwave genre. In 2014, when vaporwave was still defined by its use of found music and manipulated samples, ESPRIT released his ‘’ LP composed entirely of original material. In the 3 years since its release, the vaporwave scene at large has followed this trend.

‘200% Electronica’ combines fully original compositions in ESPRIT’s classic vaporwave style with chopped & screwed samples pulled from George Clanton’s own songs, inspired by two years of touring with nothing but a Roland SP 404-SX.
We also have some limited edition 200% T-Shirts (running low) and posters also available!
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