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NEW MUSIC: George Clanton & Nick Hexum "Out of The Blue"

Photo By Atiba Jefferson

George Clanton and Nick Hexum's brand new song "Out of The Blue" premiered on FLOOD Magazine today! Their brand new 7" is available to purchase here and ships Friday 12/13.

“Out of the Blue” is the fourth single the duo has shared, and it falls directly in line with the downtempo hypnagogia of their earlier tracks. Swapping hints of reggae for ’90s trip-hop, “Blue” is the story of a run-in with the cops Hexum had in the ’90s with a stash of weed in his glove compartment. “‘Out of the Blue’ is a whimsical and nostalgic look back at my teenage years driving around a rusty Corolla,” he recalls. “George has influenced me to conjure nostalgia sonically, so the lyrics that his tracks inspire tend to look back to innocent times.” - FLOOD 

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