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NEW MUSIC: 'Neo Gaia Legend Japan Tour Mixtape' LP

The 2nd N
eo Gaia Phantasy Tour took place in November 2019 and included shows in Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo, Japan. death's dynamic shroud, Equip, Groceries, HCMJ, R23X, and VAPERROR performed live on tour.

Neo Gaia Legend is the compilation featuring various artists from that tour—it's also the namesake of the tour kick-off show in Tokyo at CIRCUS-TOKYO. A "mixtape" featuring HCMJ, R23X, Equip, VAPERROR, and death’s dynamic shroud. Unreleased material, reworks, remixes, and lots of previously unheard music.

Special thank you to Local Visions, New Masterpiece, and Muzan Editions for making the Japan tour happen.

Mixed/Sequenced by HCMJ. Cover artwork by Bani-chan. Packaging designed by R23X

This mixtape serves as the “OST” for the upcoming documentary “Neo Gaia Phantasy: The Movie.”


Side A

  1. HCMJ - Can Still See The Light (Cover)
  2. R23X - World Map/Silent Protagonist (Amnesiac) [*Live Version*]
  3. Equip - Parallax Slip
  4. VAPERROR - Lush2K
  5. Equip x death’s dynamic shroud - Nocturne Catacombs (DDS Remix) (Version)
  1. Equip - Narita Airport History
  2. death’s dynamic shroud - BUSINESS CLASS


Side B

  2. Equip x VAPERROR - Legendary EQUIPment (VAPERROR SOUNDFONT)
  3. death’s dynamic shroud - STROBE廊下 (NUWRLD Version)
  4. R23X x Equip - Cemetery Moonglow Remix [*VHS*]
  5. HCMJ - Pay Grade
  6. R23X x Equip - Dry Summer (Equip Remix)  
  7. death’s dynamic shroud - Breakup
  8. R23X - Vaporwave Coffee Song
  9. Equip - Phantasm Mine ((d e p t h s ))
  10. death’s dynamic shroud - nn