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Reissued on vinyl: George Clanton - 100% Electronica

The record that started it all! For the first time ever in a proper vinyl jacket as a single LP, we present the new and improved 100% Electronica vinyl record on Gak® Green splatter vinyl! Each copy comes with a super rare "Broken Leg George" foil trading card. While we still distribute our regular trading cards at random, the only way to get this Legendary Foil™ card is through this release. Made from the same master as the last 2xLP release with 200% Electronica, this version does not contain any of the digital-only Bonus Tracks listed below, and ends with "Kill You In Bed."
(Ultra limited Exxtreme Power trading card designed by Justin Quandt. Limited to 1000 copies)
Update: 100% Electronica just hit #1 on Bandcamp!