• Ooh Rap I Ya LP
  • Ooh Rap I Ya LP

    Ooh Rap I Ya LP

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    The NEW album from George Clanton

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    Announcing "Ooh Rap I Ya" - the first solo album from George Clanton in nearly 5 years. Coming this July 28th, Ooh Rap I Ya expands on the sonic universe established by 2018's "Slide," this time delving deeper into self-reflection and psychedelia.

    This first vinyl edition differentiates itself from all future pressings with an embossed cover, and a yellow color matched paper inner sleeve. All first edition variants are in canary yellow. 

    1. Everything I Want
    2. Justify Your Life
    3. Punching Down
    4. I Been Young
    5. You Hold the Key and I Found It
    6. Vapor King
    7. SubReal
    8. F.U.M.L. (feat. Neggy Gemmy)
    9. Ooh Rap I Ya
    10. For You, I Will (feat. Hatchie)