• THEE PHYSICAL LP + T-Shirt Bundle
  • THEE PHYSICAL LP + T-Shirt Bundle
  • THEE PHYSICAL LP + T-Shirt Bundle
  • THEE PHYSICAL LP + T-Shirt Bundle
  • THEE PHYSICAL LP + T-Shirt Bundle

    THEE PHYSICAL LP + T-Shirt Bundle

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    In stock + shipping now. 10 Year Edition of Thee Physical Limited to 1000 copies. Blue Splatter Variant.

    10 Year Anniversary Edition of Thee Physical includes:
    Holographic Rainbow Foil Gatefold LP
    Blue Splatter Vinyl
    12x12 20-page photo booklet
    12x12 insert
    Digital download

    -All Music

    With help from HEALTH's Jupiter Keyes, Denver producer Travis Egedy refines the blasted-electro approach of 2009's Dark Rift. -Pitchfork

    Featured in Stereogum's top 50 albums of 2011 list.

    "genre-splicing sensual dance" -Stereogum

    "THEE PHYSICAL is packed with giddy tangents and unexpected bursts of utopian anthemia, pianos and keyboards so feverishly happy they sound like they could spontaneously catch fire at any moment." -Resident Advisor

    "It will leave you buzzin’ ‘n’ breathless with a warm glow and a satisfied smile" -Pop Matters

    "Thee Physical is music ready for a dance floor (just as much as past Pictureplane releases have been), but it's also a disc that shows growth towards a better ability to blend the synthetic and the organic." -Consequence of Sound

    "Though the music often suggests a frozen remove, Egedy's voice conveys a need to connect, which smartly reinforces the album's lyrical themes of feeling isolated and disconnected from the physical self." -AV Club

    Pictureplane has made his name circling the outer limits of pop culture in several mediums. The Brooklyn-based artist's gallery works, shown both in the U.S. and abroad, collide familiar with fringe and hard lines with visceral spatter. His Alien Body clothing line serves up a stylized study of symbology, the occult, and societal decay. And his music—beautiful yet heavy, swirling wild strains of industrial dance, gothic hip-hop, and emotive New Age—treats electronics not as artificial, but as extensions of our analog selves. After a decade thrashing the status quo, Egedy is not only kin to makers of lovely dark music everywhere, but a vital player in the global DIY community. He is a proud outsider, yes, but his tribe is legion and ever-growing.

    In 2011, Pictureplane's Thee Physical arrived, marking a major leap forward. Egedy's voice was suddenly dripping sex at the forefront of a lush synthscape, while cuts like "Trancegender" and "Breath Work" explored the human body with gender-dissolving aplomb. He moved to Brooklyn in 2012 in order to stoke alt-rave culture from a more powerful vantage before teaming up with fabled indie-rap imprint Anticon for Technomancer (2015), an LP about the blurring line between ourselves and our machines. Along the way, Egedy's toured with everyone from Crystal Castles and Major Lazer to the Faint and Gang of Four. He has remixed Lil B; been remixed by Grimes; collaborated with bands (Prayers) and SoundCloud stars (Goth Boi Clique)

    Track List:

    1. Body Mod 03:58
    2. Black Nails 04:03
    3. Sex Mechanism 03:08
    4. Touching Transform 04:43
    5. Post Physical 04:16
    6. Techno Fetish 04:00
    7. Real Is a Feeling 04:34
    8. Trancegender 04:16
    9. Negative Slave 03:22
    10. Breath Work 04:09
    11. Thee Power Hand 05:01