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Live In LA LP
Live In LA LP
Live In LA LP

Live In LA LP

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"Complacency is death." A slogan by which Chicago-based composer Equip has defined himself by. "Crystal Matrix" represents another sonic evolution for Equip- If "Cursebreaker X" was "knightrock," "Crystal Matrix" is "knightrave." "It's boring making the same stuff over and over. Things start to stagnate if I get comfortable with the same formula. I'm a music fiend- I love the challenge of working outside of the "vaporwave" genre i've been pigeonholed into." "Crystal Matrix" answers the tired "Is it vaporwave?" question with a resounding "who gives a shit." The "Live In LA" album was born out of Equip's monthly mixtape club and specifically crafted for the 2021 "Pudinapalooza" 2-day event curated by 100% Electronica's co-owner, Neggy Gemmy. It was Equip's first show post-pandemic, and the pent-up energy was palpable. Equip has spent the last two years transforming, both physically and musically. Further pushing the sound of his signature dream-like 16-bit inspired vapor-jams and sharpening it into a serrated dagger. "Crystal Matrix" is a dance banger and it lets you know right away. Metallic chord blasts erupt from a machine-line bassline, riding a 4-on-the-floor kick with a catchy 90's trance piano lead. Things are different now. A new era of Equip has begun. "Live in LA" is out in December on 100% Electronica.     

1. I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky (Mode Select Mix)
2. Ascending Skyward (Stratosphere Mix)
3. Cemetery Moonglow (Skeleton Rave Mix)
4. Druids (Mage House Mix) view
5. Cursebreaker X Theme (Soul Loss Trance Mix)
6. Legendary Equipment (Halcyonic Mix)
7. Crystal Matrix
8. Neggy Gemmy - California (Equip Remix) (Bonus Track)