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Small Black - Tampa 7" (pre-order) - 100% Electronica
Small Black - Tampa 7" (pre-order) - 100% Electronica

Small Black - Tampa 7" (pre-order)

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Available Digitally on 11/13.  

Tampa 7” Tracklist
A) Tampa - listen
B1) Tampa (FM Skyline Remix)
B2) Boy on The Bike (7” only)

"Tampa's about that trip you visualize in the future to keep the ship afloat in your present. The paradise you'll reach where everything will fall into place.The thing is, when you actually arrive, you just end up staring at your phone, instead of racing with the dolphins. Your relationship problems are still there, actually amplified by the high stakes of "making the time count". It’s that “wherever I go, there I am” dilemma.

As a local New Yorker/Long Islander, Florida has always loomed as some wonky off-brand version of Heaven, and Tampa itself the actual location where you go to ride that Sea Doo out through the palm-tree lined pearly gates. So the idea of a couple heading there to snatch little piece of that Heaven on Earth for themselves, only to find that whatever baggage they brought lying there next to their piña coladas was a compelling setup for a song." -Josh Kolenik (Small Black)

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