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    Deluxe Memory Suite LP

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    For the first time on vinyl - FM Skyline's legendary debut album "Deluxe Memory Suite" is finally here. Exclusively available at 100% Electronica, this album is limited to only 500 copies in one single variant: this amazing blue and pink splatter over metallic silver vinyl.

    A message from the artist:

    "When I released a cassette of Deluxe Memory Suite five years ago I wasn’t expecting much, I had just discovered the huge mysterious world of early vaporwave and was still doing some songwriting and playing instruments in bands around town. My picture of vaporwave was still pretty fuzzy, I was a big fan of everything going on with 100% which was just Esprit, George & Lindsey’s first solo albums, and Deep Fantasy at that point, I had also discovered Eyeliner and Luxury Elite, and a sea of other projects with Kanji in their name, and I was also listening to some neo electro-boogie, Sasac and Shiro Schwartz. I was aware of future funk but it seemed like a looser thing to me at the time than it actually is, so i thought in my mind that I was touching on that a little bit."

    Album Tracklist:

    1. night mood 04:01
    2. neon district 03:07
    3. beachfront property 03:02
    4. delta vista 03:01
    5. sunset cruise 03:07
    6. optimal depth 04:03
    7. virtual memory 03:31
    8. poolside digital 02:53
    9. abandoned mall 04:26