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Mirror Kisses - Heartbeats Cassette - 100% Electronica
Mirror Kisses - Heartbeats Cassette - 100% Electronica

Heartbeats Cassette

Mirror Kisses
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Before George Clanton, before 100% Electronica, there was "Mirror Kisses." Mirror Kisses was a name I held onto for many years because I was afraid if I started going by my real name, I would lose all of my fan base. Imagine that!

This album was originally released in 2013, and has been available at since that date. But, I've been surprised at how many people had never heard this music. When I play something from one of the older albums live, there is always someone who asks "what song was that?"

So, if you are looking for "more music like George Clanton," this is pretty darn close.

1. runaways 03:08
2. Kameron 03:31
3. Heart Beats Black 03:24
4. Genius 04:18 video
5. Can't Believe 03:09
6. Shut Me Down 03:09
7. Ulterior Motives 02:20
8. clownface 04:45