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St. Francis Deluxe 2xLP (St. Francis I + II)
St. Francis Deluxe 2xLP (St. Francis I + II)
St. Francis Deluxe 2xLP (St. Francis I + II)

St. Francis Deluxe 2xLP (St. Francis I + II)

Satin Sheets
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Satin Sheet’s stunning new double LP St Francis Deluxe includes 2017's iconic St Francis album, as well as the brand new follow up St Francis II. Originally lost to time, St Francis II was unearthed in 2022 and showcases compositions from the period immediately following the artist's debut album. In addition to both albums, this double LP package includes 3 vinyl exclusive tracks that are previously unreleased. Featuring refreshed artwork and and an ultrawide gatefold spread of the St Francis II album cover, it's the perfect collector's item for old and new fans alike.

Limited to 500qty.

St. Francis I (SIDE A / B)

Side A
1. Ashley
2. Montevideo
3. Castaway
4. Fashion
5. Can’t You See?
6. Can’t You See? 2
7. Superstar
8. Camp Night

Side B
9. Headline
10. Hot Hits
11. Safari
12. Circuit
13. Collect Them All
14. Mauimall
15. Tanline
16. Fashion (ESPRIT Remix)

St. Francis II (SIDE C / D)

Side C
1. Lifted
2. After Ashley
3. Interlude
4. Air 98
5. Atoll Exploration
6. Dazed Return
7. Sunrise Install
8. see/D
9. Continental Haze
10. Coral Fields
11. Prayer In Full
12. Summer Storm Romance

Side D
13. Infinity Swell
14. Vacation Aura
15. Golden Hour Render
16. Top Of The Block
17. Angel Winging [Vinyl Exclusive]
18. Changing With You [Vinyl Exclusive]
19. Air 98 (Remix) [Vinyl Exclusive]

Satin Sheets’ music is a gateway to worlds unexplored. Using his prized collection of vintage hardware, the New Zealand vaporwave artist is the architect to these unseen places, sculpting lush sonic landscapes with wind-swept synths, balmy electronics, and enough groove to inspire head nods amid the technicolor haze. “If someone can put on one of my albums and feel a bit outside of the world they’re in,” he says, “then it's done its purpose.” Satin Sheets discovered music’s transportive ability for himself through buying and tinkering with used synthesizers in his bedroom; meanwhile, extended YouTube sessions led him to vaporwave and producing. His self-released 2017 album St. Francis stretched new-age ambiance into sun-baked Balearic lounge sessions. He eventually reached out to fellow vaporwave experimenter George Clanton, who brought him into the fold at his label 100% Electronica, reissuing St. Francis in early 2018. The album, which quickly sold out, is considered one of the label’s defining releases. Four years later, Satin Sheets is finally ready to deliver its much-anticipated sequel. St. Francis II revisits the sonic universe that made him a star with a more seasoned perspective, conjuring nostalgia while also exploring wild new sounds. He’s also hinted at a later chapter featuring darker, atmospheric rave music. Where he’ll venture from there is unclear, but what’s important is that his journey won’t end anytime soon. There’s always new realms to uncover.