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SOFTWARE - Digital-Dance Cassette - 100% Electronica
SOFTWARE - Digital-Dance Cassette - 100% Electronica

Digital-Dance Cassette

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Since 1983 Peter Mergener and Michael Weisser experiment with electronic sounds, visuals and environments. Their special interest is the area of how computers can be used to help express creative art of a wide variety. The LP's and CD's are just one part of Multi-Media-Events, combining music, computer-graphics and high-technology-poetry. SOFTWARE combines these elements beautifully, showing that technology as the sign of the time is emotion, stylish design and a new dimension of high-tech-beauty.


Cassette Tracklist

    1. Oceans Breath 09:21
    2. Magnificent Shore 07:46
    3. Waving Voices 06:06
    4. Island Sunrise 06:32
    5. Magic Beach 05:24
    6. Sea Gulls Audience 06:30
    7. Digital Dance 05:51
    8. Magicians Song* 06:46
    9. Percussion Island* 05:52

    * = Cassette & CD only bonus tracks