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    Body Work LP

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    Album Tracklist:

    1. No Rum 
    2. Rollercoaster 
    3. Break 
    4. Body Work 
    5. You Never Knew 
    6. Don't Worry Bout the Fuck I'm Doing
    7. Nu Hope 
    8. Real Virtual Unison (Fake edit) 
    9. Infinity 
    10. Ego Death
    11. Hold U (Break Your Face edit) 
    12. You Only Hate the Ones You Love 

    "simultaneously hypnotizing and grounding"- MTV news 

    "like a CVS that turns into a dance club after lockup" - Bandcamp Daily 

    "'Don't Worry Bout The Fuck I'm Doing' is sonically consistent with her futuristic take on electronic pop. Her voice rides the hypnotic beat, but her charged lyrics take front stage" - The FADER 

    "When French lets loose emotionally, as on ‘You Never Knew’ or last year’s stunning ‘Forget Your Future’, it’s crushing. The shitheads here though only warrant the calm instruction of the title and with it French shows off another facet to her increasingly exciting work." - FACT 

    "one of our favorite tracks from the record, an emphatic middle finger to the disgusting catcallers she encounters on a daily basis in NYC .. ethereal electronic pop anthem." - Gorilla vs Bear 

    "A gorgeous, space-y spin on NG's signature, forward-thinking electropop, it's definitely a headbobber." - PAPER Mag 

    "You Never Knew' is an addictive piece of electronic pop that will make you reach for that play button time and time again." - The 405 

    "Negative Gemini, makes a genre-spanning blend of ’90s techno and heady modern electronica: a little Chicago, a little Detroit, and a whole lot of Brooklyn. But unlike many of her contemporaries, French conveys her personality and experiences through vocals and lyrics, not just tight production" - NYLON 

    "As if Kylie Minogue was commissioned to soundtrack a movie that falls somewhere between ’90s teen romance and a grindhouse movie, the track is capable of establishing Lindsey as the internet’s next big pop star." - Pigeons and Planes 

    "Your summer anthem is here, courtesy of Negative Gemini. One of our favorite up-and-coming singer/producers ... this synthy indie track induces long summer joyride yearning alongside unforgiving bad bitch vibes." - Nasty Gal 

    "Body Work peers out with a new delight in manic exploration" - Tiny Mix Tapes

    released September 23, 2016 

    Negative Gemini is Lindsey French

    all rights reserved