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Mirror Kisses - Blood Filled Bad Dreams LP
Mirror Kisses - Blood Filled Bad Dreams LP

Mirror Kisses - Blood Filled Bad Dreams LP

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This is our first, and dare I say only, liquid filled record! Yes liquid filled is extraordinarily fun, but its also so expensive to make. What once was a Fan Club Exclusive, is now momentarily available to the public with 17 copies available

Includes all the bonus tracks!

Album Tracklist

  1. Proud
  2. She's Gone
  3. Call Me Now
  4. Team Follow
  5. Takeover
  6. Haunt Me
  7. Someone to Name
  8. Sleeping in the Hallway
  9. Team Follow (18 Carat Affair Re-Freak)
  10. Takeover - Outlands '90 Remix
  11. All I Need
  12. The Squeeze
  13. Slow Lover
  14. Hold Steady
  15. Slow Lover - ESPRIT空想 Remix
Please note the creator's care sheet!!!
Here are the details
Thanks for buying this “LIQUID FILLED LP!” A few things to note about how to care for this, item info, & more to insure it lasting long into the years.
1. Store Vertically. You will see a BLACK/RED line on the side of the record. This is the top of the record. Store with that area up when done using. This is very important.
2. Be gentle, these take weeks to make all things considered. No joke, so be gentle
3. Clean periodically if you play regularly, you would be surprised how much this helps maintain sound quality. Note:
These may have some pops or hiss in the first 15-20 seconds or so. These are made one at a time by hand. But the sound quality should be super HQ just about anytime after that. We typically use 1.5-2 lbs of tonearm weight when playing these records.
4. Enjoy!
Thanks for supporting independent artist & businesses with this release. A note from Romanus Custom Vinyl MFG about this product. “We have designed these to be able to be refilled! A first for any liquid filled record manufacturer. We designed these to last for years and years but its hard to know what 10 years from now looks like. These don’t have a lifetime warranty. In the event of some evaporation you can simply contact Romanus Custom Vinyl MFG on Facebook or Instagram and for a small fee we will refill your item guaranteeing the life of the product.”